Fly (pt. 2)

Familiar By Destiney McIntosh This is familiar Maybe that's why it doesn't hurt so much I've been here before And even though it doesn't hurt as much There's still this feeling that I can't ignore That 'I told you so' in the back of my mind The want to scream at God I knew I… Continue reading Fly (pt. 2)

We are in the hands of the almighty

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. (Psalm 91:4) Lord, You hold us in your hands. You care for us. When we are in your hands, no hurt, harm or danger can come to us. When we are in your… Continue reading We are in the hands of the almighty

God dwells outside of man's time

Dear God, You are mighty and unmatched. Your word is true. Nothing that you say returns back void. You intend to do, have already done, everything that you have promised. So we rest in your presence, knowing that you are working. You are an eternal god. You live outside of man's time. Wrote and finished… Continue reading God dwells outside of man's time

Lean (Trust Fall)

By Destiney McIntosh In order for there to be a trust fall you must Lean Lean into me If only you could see Me here, waiting with my arms outstretched Ready to catch you When you fall Then you would know there is nothing to fear You would see that I am waiting here I… Continue reading Lean (Trust Fall)