Day 25: All Things New

This morning I read Micah and it talked about the destruction of Samaria for its sinful ways in the coming of the LORD. It seemed dark... But then the revelation was put in my spirit: reconstruction cannot occur without demolition. The Lord came to bring life, healing, grace and mercy to the people. But the… Continue reading Day 25: All Things New

Day 16: A lesson I learned from my roommate…

When we receive the unexpected is it often neglected- disregarded- because we do not see its purpose? When in reality, it is perfect for us. Don't negate that thing because it does not look exactly like what you dreamed So, I am fixing my eyes to see the beauty in what is placed in front… Continue reading Day 16: A lesson I learned from my roommate…

Day 5: Moments of favor

"When I come to you, will you leave everything behind to follow me?" The moment the disciples left their old lives to follow Christ, they stepped into their destiny. Began to live in purpose. Favor begins when we leave EVERYTHING behind for Christ. I was explaining to my aunt one day that now more than… Continue reading Day 5: Moments of favor

Day 4: Conquering the wilderness

"The enemy always fights you the hardest when he knows God has something great in store..." -Joel Osteen (It's Your Time) I read this quote in Joel Osteen's book and realized how this relates to Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. The devil knew what Jesus was called to do. This is what I learned… Continue reading Day 4: Conquering the wilderness