EverythingEverything (pt. 2)

Everything everything pt. 2 By Destiney McIntosh Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. 4.20.19 In my last blog post, I talked about looking back and questioning if the things that happened were supposed to be that way. I think sometimes too there can be moments in the wait of the present… Continue reading EverythingEverything (pt. 2)

EverythingEverything Pt. 1

EverythingEverything Pt. 1 By Destiney McIntosh Everything was exactly the way it was supposed to be 4.20.19 Sometimes we look back on our lives and what we've been through, and we question it. Did I do the right thing? Did I go the right way? Those doubts begin to arise often times because when we… Continue reading EverythingEverything Pt. 1

Fly (pt. 2)

Familiar By Destiney McIntosh This is familiar Maybe that's why it doesn't hurt so much I've been here before And even though it doesn't hurt as much There's still this feeling that I can't ignore That 'I told you so' in the back of my mind The want to scream at God I knew I… Continue reading Fly (pt. 2)

5.9 Miles

5.9 Miles By Destiney McIntosh Press through When life pulls you Press through It seems like something Less people want to do Because we don't like to feel uncomfortable And we don't enjoy pain So we settle Convince ourselves that here is good enough When we know we want more Can do And have And… Continue reading 5.9 Miles

Fear Not, You Are Protected

Yesterday I learned that the purpose of mucus is to trap viruses and dust from entering your system, and thus that is where boogers come from. A little graphic I know, but it was from this that I began to think this morning as I was meditating...I was sick a few weeks ago and when… Continue reading Fear Not, You Are Protected

Rejoice! What I’m bringing you is better!

This is what the Lord spoke to me this morning... Where you are is not your best. What you had was not your best. I have so much more to give you. Farther places that I want to take you. Your best is yet to come. How much more would I rejoice, if I saw… Continue reading Rejoice! What I’m bringing you is better!

Day 21: Choosing Faith Over Fear

I really liked this chapter in the book It's Time for Favor by Joel Osteen that I've been reading. Here are the notes that I took from the chapter... What you meditate on takes rootDon't use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe. Expect God's favor. Turn off negative talk. Fill your mind… Continue reading Day 21: Choosing Faith Over Fear

Day 17: Choosing Positive

This morning as the snow was falling, covering the streets, and my car was iced over, I kept refreshing the school closing list, hoping that the school that I teach at would be closed, or at least have a two hour delay. I didn't want to drive in the weather. However, that was not my… Continue reading Day 17: Choosing Positive