5.13.20 Prayer

Today I pray for peace and love to fill the space that feels empty. Let us not see emptiness as a disparity, but an opportunity to be filled with more of you. More of your spirit. More of your love. More of your grace. More of your peace. More of your wisdom. Lord I want… Continue reading 5.13.20 Prayer

Lean (Trust Fall)

By Destiney McIntosh In order for there to be a trust fall you must Lean Lean into me If only you could see Me here, waiting with my arms outstretched Ready to catch you When you fall Then you would know there is nothing to fear You would see that I am waiting here I… Continue reading Lean (Trust Fall)

Day 7: Worthy by Faith

Worthy by Faith Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace In Luke Chapter 7, I see the way faith saves. And salvation was not given to those who were the most "worthy" in the eyes of man, but rather those who took the position of humility before the Lord. The position of faith. In… Continue reading Day 7: Worthy by Faith