Trust God is preparing it for you

I remember when I was young, the excitement I would get around dinner time. The aroma of a home cooked meal, filling the house. Flowing from the kitchen to the back of the house, meeting me right in my room. I would stand in the doorway, unable to keep still as I waited to be… Continue reading Trust God is preparing it for you

Go in peace

And he said to her, Daughter be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace. (Luke 8:48) This was the Lord's command to the woman with the issue of blood after she came forth as the one who touched Him in order to receive healing. Immediately His power flowed through her,… Continue reading Go in peace

Full of Beauty

Beautiful Within By Destiney McIntosh You have beautiful skin But you are beautiful within A prize A treasure Worth finding A love worth receiving A heart of gold Don't sink into that insecurity that tries to creep Don't allow yourself to be blinded from reality You are beautiful within You are wonderfully made A design… Continue reading Full of Beauty

Trust the Ingredients

This morning, I made banana bread muffins. I used my memory to recall the recipe instead of looking one up (humble brag lol). I didn't think it was that difficult the first time I made banana bread muffins, so I figured I could accomplish the task using my memory. Anyways, once I started putting the… Continue reading Trust the Ingredients

5.13.20 Prayer

Today I pray for peace and love to fill the space that feels empty. Let us not see emptiness as a disparity, but an opportunity to be filled with more of you. More of your spirit. More of your love. More of your grace. More of your peace. More of your wisdom. Lord I want… Continue reading 5.13.20 Prayer

Imperfect World

Imperfect World By Destiney McIntosh I hold your imperfect world in my hands And I don’t mind Who even determined the true image of the world Who says your version is incorrect Imperfection does not equate to improper It’s just different from the “standard” What I equate to this imperfect world that is in my… Continue reading Imperfect World