As the flower grows

This week I planted seeds with my students as we began learning about plants.

They were so excited.

After we planted our seeds we set them in the window while we waited for them to grow.

And by the next day one of my students walked up to their cup to peek at their plant. Their brow furrowed in confusion when they found a cup of dirt rather than a fully grown flower. He came up to me and said “Ms. McIntosh, my flower isn’t growing.”

I promised him that it was, it’s just going to take a while before it becomes a flower.

See my students know what a flower looks like, but right now they’re learning what it takes for a seed to become a flower. Their learning that flowers don’t grow overnight. They take time.

Things take time.

And sometimes we need that reminder. We know what we want the finish product to look like of our lives. And sometimes when life doesn’t match our expectation of where we think we should be, we assume we aren’t growing.

When in reality it takes time.

It takes patience.

Trust the process and you will see all along you were growing into the beautiful flower you were called to be.

-Destiney McIntosh

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