You have time for me too

By Destiney McIntosh

How glorious it is

You always answer when I call

Turn my situation around

And I am not the only who comes to you

Calls for you

Needs you

It’s not too much for you to hold me too

You have time for me too

Making room for you is the least I can do

Something that is so glorious about God, I am not the only one who comes to Him and it still isn’t too much for Him to answer me. Love me. Bless me.

He isn’t like man who can be overwhelmed by requests. Frustrated with questions. The reality that I am not the only person who God sees, and yet He still comes when I call brings me great joy.

With all that is going on in the world, the millions of people who have problems, and God still has time for me too!

His love is not tied, his help is not contingent. He is always available. Always listening to the cry of His people.

And when we ask, He will show his face. He hears us. He answers.

Glory to God!

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