My hair journey

A queen’s crown

By Destiney McIntosh

Like the leaves on the trees grow

So does my afro

Every kink

Welcoming the sun

Every one

Forming my crown


I am royalty

The daughter of a King

Set towards the mark

Of the prize of a high calling

And like the leaves on the trees grow

So does my afro

Every kink

Forming my crown

And yes, I am a Queen


Over the past four years I have been on a journey with my hair. It began sophomore year of college, as I began to come into myself and grow as a woman.

Really my hair journey has spanned across my entire life. My idea of my beauty was associated with my hair. Feeling like I was only pretty if my hair was pretty. And for a quarter of my life being pretty was associated with having straight, relaxed hair.

Embracing my curls again began sophomore year of college. And when I returned to natural hair, the journey began with understanding my hair, and understanding a part of myself in the process.

Since sophomore year, my hair has been through many changes. Braids, weave, twists, an afro and dreadlocks. There’s even been a color change.

I think this is pretty reflective of my reality. For the past four years specifically I have been through many changes. Learning more about myself. Growing and becoming.

Through it all, I am discovering new things about myself. The versatility of my hair, reminds me of the versatility that is within me. My abilities. My depth. My uniqueness.

The reminder to embrace change and love every part of me.

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