Full of Beauty

Beautiful Within

By Destiney McIntosh

You have beautiful skin

But you are beautiful within

A prize

A treasure

Worth finding

A love worth receiving

A heart of gold

Don’t sink into that insecurity that tries to creep

Don’t allow yourself to be blinded from reality

You are beautiful within

You are wonderfully made

A design all your own

Loved by your creator

Every part of you made purposefully

His light shining on you

So when your skin glows

Just know

This is a reminder

That he is smiling at you

Because he loves what he sees

He is proud of the work he’s done

In sculpting you

Never forget

That you are beautiful



In sixth grade, when we had gym class, the girls in my class would sit in the bleachers and do each other’s hair.

My hair was relaxed straight back then, like most of the girls in my class. I’d always have it styled with a deep side part, so that I’d have a long bang over the right side of my face. And one day, while we were in gym, this girl in my class was combing my hair. She combed my hair behind my ears. My face exposed. I only allowed it to stay that way for a moment, before pulling my hair from behind my ears to cover my face again.

“Why do you cover your face, Destiney?” she asked me. “You’re so pretty.”

And I remember the way I felt back then.

I thought I was only pretty when my face was covered.

And for so long I wore my hair that way, covering my face.

I was thinking about that little girl today. A piece of her still inside of me. A little voice inside questions when I see myself in the mirror, if I am pretty. The face in the mirror does not look like a lot of other girls that she sees on her phone screen. That voice is the result of years of insecurity.

I don’t really want to let that voice live any more. The girl that was convinced she could only be pretty if she covered her face.

There is a voice inside that reminds me I am beautiful. Beautiful because God created me fearfully and wonderfully. Beautiful because of the gifts, the love, the light that is inside of me.

I was convinced for a while that I had to hide these things, hide myself.

But as I am growing, I no longer have the desire inside of me to cover up.

I am learning embrace all that I am, inside and out.

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