Trust the Ingredients

This morning, I made banana bread muffins. I used my memory to recall the recipe instead of looking one up (humble brag lol). I didn’t think it was that difficult the first time I made banana bread muffins, so I figured I could accomplish the task using my memory.

Anyways, once I started putting the batter into the muffin pan, doubt came over me.

I kept saying, “I hope these rise…” as I poured the batter into each cup.

“Why wouldn’t they rise?” My mom asked.

And instead of responding, I thought about the fact that I hadn’t actually looked up a recipe, I just relied on my memory in confidence. There was no trace of that confidence in the moment that I was scooping the batter onto the sheet. Getting closer to the moment when I had to put them in the oven.

“I hope these rise…” I said softly one last time before closing them behind the oven door.

Moments later, after cleaning my dishes, I checked on my muffins in the oven. And I was surprised at what I found.

They were rising!

“I knew they would,” my mom said confidently.

This is the lesson that I learned:

Trust in the ingredients. Trust your ingredients. What is inside of you. There are times, experiences, circumstances, situations that cause my confidence to waiver, but God was showing me that just as the ingredients worked together to create the banana bread- everything, every gift that is inside of me is working together to make me exactly who I was called to be. When I am unsure, God is near to me promising,

You will rise.

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