Delete (Reprise)

By Destiney McIntosh

Delete it

He said

There’s no room for me until you

Delete it

This is why we must delete it

Those thoughts

They take up space

Were meant to be deleted

For the blessings to take their rightful place

Delete it

Those thoughts that hinder you


To make room for new


As an overthinker, often times it is hard for me not to allow thoughts to clutter my mind.

A little over a year ago, I became intrigued with the principals of minimalism-one being the emphasis on removing the things from your life that do not serve your purpose.

And I want to translate this into mindset. When I think about the hindrance that negative thoughts create, it urges me even more to prevent them from having space in my mind. Clutter is not just physical, it can also be mental and spiritual. And from a Christian standpoint, when I allow negative thoughts to clutter my mind, where is the room for thoughts of peace? Thoughts of joy? Thoughts of love? Thoughts of Christ?

There isn’t.

When I began my journey into minimalism, it was with the intention of making room for Christ in my physical space, in my mental space, and in my journey.

And I have come back to this principal in minimalism. There are things in my life-thoughts that dwell, habits that exist, that must be deleted in order for there to be room for me to live fully in my potential.

I cannot move forward with chains holding me back.

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