EverythingEverything Pt. 1

EverythingEverything Pt. 1

By Destiney McIntosh

Everything was exactly the way it was supposed to be


Sometimes we look back on our lives and what we’ve been through, and we question it. Did I do the right thing? Did I go the right way?

Those doubts begin to arise often times because when we look back we often don’t like what we see. There are things in our past that we wish we could change or even erase.

And I had a moment a few months ago, as I thought on my past, where I wondered if I could take it back, would I? Like if I had the power to change somethings that happened to me, would I do it?

But shortly after having those thoughts, I questioned, isn’t that like saying God didn’t know what he was doing?

Like he saw that thing I went through before I even went through it, in fact he wrote it.

It’s not easy to ignore the past and sometimes our mind slips back to those memories that we wish we could forget. But with a different perspective, we can look back at our past with a confidence and a gratitude, that even there God had a plan. It is evident in the fact that we stand beyond that moment. The fact that we even have a past to look back on is a reason to rejoice in the strength, the purpose, and the grace of the Lord.

Be blessed.

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