Settle on the small things

Settle on the small things

By Destiney McIntosh

We are composed of tiny cells

Our life is the result of breaths

And heart beats

There is power in that truth alone

Our life is not one big thing

The earth and its beauty

It is vast

But it is a culmination of small

Blades of grass create the field

Grains of sand make the beach

Water molecules create the ocean

Trees create the forrest

Our memories the culmination of moments

Everything is in pieces

Is that where peace is?

Understanding that life will not always be grand

But rather grand things are the result of pieces

Filled with pieces

Time in pieces

Breaths in pieces

And we won’t know what is next

All we know is that what was

And what is

Play a role in what will be

My next breath

The result of my last breath and this breath

My next step

The result of my last step and this step

Nothing happens all at once

But one after the other

In pieces

The small things don’t make sense

Water alone does not look like an ocean

A blade of grass does not look like a field

And this moment does not look like your entire story

Because it isn’t

These are pieces

Things are in pieces

That’s always sounded like a bad thing

But maybe this is where peace is

In knowing that one small thing is only a piece to a big plan

This is not the end

Or the full picture

So rest here

Not to stay forever

But to appreciate the way this will add to you story


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