5.9 Miles

5.9 Miles

By Destiney McIntosh

Press through

When life pulls you

Press through

It seems like something

Less people want to do

Because we don’t like to feel uncomfortable

And we don’t enjoy pain

So we settle

Convince ourselves that here is good enough

When we know we want more

Can do

And have

And be


Press through

Why should you

Press through

Because you know there is a goal

That you are trying to get to

That there is a purpose

God has placed inside of you


We are living in a time where some may wonder why things are the way that they are right now. People are afraid, paranoid and anxious.

And some may look to God and wonder, how am I supposed to get through this? What am I supposed to do?

And what if God is looking at us like “Just push through. I already know the end result.”

What if this is our 5.9 miles? A part of our journey that we must walk through.

Like sure, my legs will hurt after this, but what about all that I can gain from it? Will I push forward in trust that God has me here for a reason? Sent me here for a reason, and plans to bring me through?

There is something greater on the other side, but it can only be achieved by trusting and following the one who is before you and knows all? You must walk. You must push through to get to what has been promised to you.

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