The promise at the end of the road

By Destiney McIntosh

Carry on

Down the long road

Eyes focused on what is front of you

Colors of red and blue

They are calling you to

Carry on

Down the long road

Foot pressed on the gas

As you pass on

Carry on

At last

It seems

You are making your way through

The future awaiting you

Seems to draw near

But you can never reach it if you stay here

So you must carry on

Colors calling you


And orange

And green


And violet too


That move you

To press on

Leaving behind the weight

The shame

The pain

The rain

It was only a force

Used to carry you forth

Forward into purpose

Forward into destiny

Carry on

Down the long road

Toward the promise awaiting


When there is gloom all around you it is easy for your eyes to fall. Feel lost, consumed by what is dark. But I encourage you to try to find the light. There is always a reminder that there is light. There are times when the light is obvious, nothing to block our view of what is bright. Then there are times when we must look a little harder, for a sign of light-a small glow from the sun managing to peak through the heavy clouds in the sky. Truth is, there are times when the storm is too dark, the clouds too heavy for the light to shine through. But even at the end of the worst storms, there is still a rainbow. The reminder that even in the darkest storms, the sun is still there.

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