Lean (Trust Fall)

By Destiney McIntosh

In order for there to be a trust fall you must


Lean into me

If only you could see

Me here, waiting with my arms outstretched

Ready to catch you

When you fall

Then you would know there is nothing to fear

You would see that I am waiting here

I am not going to hurt you

Or let you fall

Just trust

Trust me and


I will catch you


The LORD has been working on my heart, showing me that there cannot be trust without falling first. Trust is a test. I say that I trust God, but when it comes time to show it, am I willing to fall? Do I believe that he is there? Waiting for me? Do I believe that he will catch me?

This is what the LORD has been dealing with me for the past few weeks. Trust. Trusting him. Trusting where he’s called me to. Being willing to fall. Believing that his arms are outstretched ready to catch me.

God, I pray that you continue to work in my heart. Work in me the faith to truly trust you. To lean into you, knowing that you are waiting to catch me. Lord remove the fear that is in my heart. Remove the hesitation. Thank you for your healing. I know it is at work in me. Thank you that you are redeemer. Thank you that you will use this to touch and reach the lives of exactly who you have intended. I pray you get the glory for it all. In the name of your son Jesus I pray, Amen.

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