It’s time for restoration

“You don’t have to know how. Just know Him” – Joel Osteen

God is our vindicator. When we recognize that, we gain peace- realizing we don’t have to fret over every wrong done unto us. God is a God of justice and he defends his people.

He wants the best for us. He wants to be good to us.

The bad done to us, the hurt and the pain, it will be vindicated. We will see beauty for the ashes. Restoration of what was lost. Time. Confidence. Hope. Peace. That thing that hurt you, that person that did you wrong, it will not win.

This is the year of restoration.

The year of vindication.

The year of healing.

The year of hope.

Let go of what is old.

Cling to God.

When you know Him, it all works together for good.

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