Palm Trees

Today my siblings and I traveled 14 hours from Ohio to Florida to bring my brother to school. The trip began at 2am and it was grueling with fog, rain and slippery roads. There were times when the trip seemed to go on forever with nothing in sight but trees and grass. Our bodies were cramped, packed in with everything my brother is bringing for school, crying for a moment to stretch out.

The journey seemed eternal and we were counting down the hours until we reached our destination.

And even when we reached Florida we had three more hours to go. But it was in Florida that we knew we were somewhere different. The air felt different. The grass looked different. The trees looked different.

Palm trees. The sign that we made it. The sign of my brother’s new beginning here in Florida. That even in the discomfort and grueling length, this journey was for a purpose. Something bigger.

And worth the sacrifice.

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