Day 31: Come Out

Come out. Like a stem coming up from the ground. A flower beginning to bloom. Come out, Destiney. You have been planted for long enough. It is time now. To come out from the darkness into the light. Delight in all that you have been through. It has brought you here.

Here where there is clarity and light. Freedom from strife. Here you are free to be yourself. Free to love yourself. Free to learn more about yourself.

You think you are happy now? Joyful now? At peace now? There is still so much in store. So much more I wish to do with you.

It is why you must come OUT. Like a butterfly from its cocoon. This time has changed you. Transformed you.

You are so beautiful…

The heights at which you will go are unimaginable.

But I can see them.

I can see you.

And I smile, because despite what you have been through you still stand. With me.

Holding me.

Seeking me.

And I will never run from you or let you go. You are mine. My daughter. My prize creation. I delight in you am delighted by you.

So come out. Like the diamond from the depths of the earth. Shine bright.

Like the star you are.

Come out, Destiney.

Step into your destiny.

Take every step with me.

Trust me. As I bring you out. Bring you into your new.


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