Day 23: Bedtime Prayer

Dear God,

I want to thank you for this day. For the time that I got to spend with my siblings. Thank you for financial stability. Thank you for peace. Thank you God that as I continue to seek you and deeper knowledge of you, you are faithful to reveal your face unto me. God it is with confidence in you, that I declare provision and protection over my family. I thank you for direction for Aariana and Mikey. Healing for my dad and freedom for my mom. There is a work that you are doing, Oh God, and I thank you that it does not end in 2019, but God as we prepare to go into 2020, you meet us with blessings, provision, prosperity, OVERFLOW. God overflow into our lives. More of you and more of your Spirit. Pour into me until it runs over to the lives that I encounter daily. Have your way Oh, God.

I love you forever.

Your Daughter, Destiney McIntosh

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