Fear Exposed

Why are you afraid of groundhogs?

By Destiney McIntosh

Why are you afraid of groundhogs

When I’ve given you dominion

Stuck at a standstill

Between something that lives beneath you

You are bigger than them

And yet you are afraid

You let them steal your power

Your confidence

Have you standing still

Why are you afraid of groundhogs?

You are bigger than them


A few posts ago, I wrote about fear. The teaching of my pastor that fear is False Evidences Appearing Real.

I had a real life confrontation with that yesterday.

I was running and while I was running, groundhogs kept appearing. And for some reason I am deathly afraid of them. I have this visual of them running up my leg and attacking me. So much so that every time I saw them while I was on my run, I would stop. Usually, they scurry back underground. But there was a particular instance where one groundhog that was in the way of my path did not. So, I decided to turn back around but when I did there was a groundhog behind me too.

I probably stood there for a solid five minutes, trying to gain the courage to walk forward, or even go backward. But I could do neither. I was stuck. I felt stuck and I was on the verge of breaking down.

And I bet you’re thinking that’s a bit dramatic. It’s not like they were bears, they were little groundhogs, that sit at my ankles. But this image in my mind of a groundhog running up my leg was so strong, it was crippling.

And isn’t that what fear is? It’s those False Evidences that are so strong, they cripple us. Rob us of our courage. Distort our perspective. In the moment, I wasn’t thinking about how much bigger I was than them. I was thinking about being attacked.

I imagine me, stuck between two little groundhogs pacing back and forth on the verge of tears. It seems ridiculous. And what if that’s what it looks like when we’re afraid of the doctor’s report, afraid of our debt, afraid to step into our next. Not to belittle those realities, but what if those are our groundhogs? Maybe, just maybe, they are so much smaller in comparison to our stature than we allow ourselves to believe.

See eventually, I was able to walk past that groundhog. It took all the faith I had, but I finally took a step forward. And you know what the groundhog did? It stood still. The reality confirmed, that it could not hurt me. God reminded me when he placed man on earth we were given dominion over the animals. We have dominion over the land which we walk. I have no reason to be afraid.

And to think of the time and energy that I wasted. After that I didn’t want to run anymore. I allowed that fear to deter me from the whole purpose that I had set in the first place.

I don’t want to let fear stop me anymore.

So God I thank you for the power placed in me. That you have not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Your word says to walk, for you have given me dominion over the land. Lord I just pray for the courage to face those fears that are before me. Lord I pray that by faith I will be able to step forward, move past them. I declare that I will not let it stop me from achieving the purpose that you have set before. I pray the same over the person reading this, trusting that you are bringing all who needs it to read these words. They are yours and I am your vessel. Have your way, God. In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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