Even the small steps matter

Some steps are easier

By Destiney McIntosh

The first step is always the hardest

It’s the steps that follow that seem easier

The more you step

The easier it becomes

To lift your foot off the ground

To find the rhythm

Of steady steps

The more you step

The more you

Move forward


This post is inspired by my father.

After a health scare he was left without feeling in his feet. It has made it challenging for him to walk. Though, he doesn’t let that stop him.

And one time while we were on vacation last year, my dad made a comment. He said, it’s easier for him to walk when he is standing straight, but because he can’t feel his feet, he feels like he has to look down at the ground and watch his feet.

And as I watched him walk in that moment, I saw that even though he couldn’t see where his feet fell, they always fell on solid ground.

So I had this thought, though we don’t always know where our steps are leading us we can rest in confidence that they will fall on solid ground. The word says that the Lord orders our steps.

My dad doesn’t let the fact that he can’t feel his feet stop him from walking. He keeps taking steps. And the more he steps, the more strength he gains to take another step.

Every step matters. Even the small steps mean you are moving forward.

So God, I pray for the courage to continue to take a step in faith. Lord your word says that you order the steps of a righteous man. God I am so grateful that you have ordered my steps. God help me to be confident in the direction you have set for me. God help me to follow your lead. And when I grow weary, I thank you God for carrying me. I am so grateful for all that you are and pray that this be a comfort for the one who is hurting and lost. May they find comfort in the fact that you have a plan for them. May they have the courage to keep moving forward. I trust that you will use this for your glory. In the name of your Son Jesus I pray. Amen.

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