Take Away the Negatives


By Destiney McIntosh

Silk comes from the caterpillar

And maybe it doesn’t know why

All it knows is that suddenly,

It feels stuck

As it is surrounded by this


It is cased in

And feels trapped

With no room to move

Something is going on inside

And maybe it doesn’t know why

All it knows is that suddenly,

It feels stuck

The result of his own doing

He blames himself

For being trapped inside

This place

And he doesn’t know why

What is going on inside?

Will he ever be free?

Silk comes from the caterpillar

The contents of his entrapment

He doesn’t know why

But this is God’s design

Which has to be hard for him to face

God’s design was for me to be trapped?

But just like the flower is not meant to stay underground

The caterpillar is not meant to stay in its cacoon

Like the flower in the seed

And the diamond in the earth

He will emerge

But not as what was trapped inside


There was a process that took place in that cacoon

And soon the caterpillar will learn

That the purpose of that cage,

Was not to trap him,

But the things inside

That would not serve his purpose

As the butterfly


I have a new understanding of darkness.

See the dark has the stigma as something that must be feared, because you cannot see what is happening in the dark.

But I think of a caterpillar in a chrysalis, a seed in the ground, a diamond in the depths of the earth. These things that undergo extraordinary changes in the dark.

I think of photographs in a dark room. See in order for the picture to come out, it is placed in a dark room in order to remove the negatives.

A picture cannot be revealed without darkness.

A caterpillar cannot become a butterfly without it’s chrysalis.

A seed cannot become a flower unless it is planted.

So I see now that the dark period, the isolation is necessary. God sometimes separates us, because that is when he can do his best work. That’s when we lean on him more, when he is all we have. That’s what I’ve learned over the past year. I formed a deeper love for him, when I was pulled away from everything else.

Let God take out the negatives. Let him mold and shape you into a new being. You don’t have to fear the darkness. Even in it, God is there. And he promises to be your light.

So God, I thank you for working in me. For believing that I am worth it. Thank you for all that you have planned for me. Even though I cannot see right now I can lean on the fact that they are promises to be above and beyond what I could think or imagine. Promises to be for my good because I love you. God even though the darkness may be scary, I am grateful that you are my light and salvation, you are my refuge and strength. I ask for your comfort God, and I pray that it be over whoever is reading this. Whoever needs this God, I trust that you are bringing them to read these words. May this be used for your glory. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

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