Bloom (Growing Pains)

I wonder if it hurts to bloom

by Destiney McIntosh

I wonder if it’s frightening to be the seed planted in darkness

Does it hurt when the shell cracks?

Does it hurt when the stem grows?

Does it hurt when the stem cracks the soil?

Does it hurt when the sun is beating down on you?

Is there pain when the rain pours down?

I’ll never know what it’s like to be a flower

But I can’t imagine it’s an easy process

To break open

To break through

We marvel in the growth of a flower

But I don’t think their process is any different than ours


And painful

In order to break down and become something new

In order for the potential inside of you

The beauty inside of you

To bloom


Before a flower can bloom it must come up from the ground. I think about this. All that a flower must go through before it can even come up from the ground. It must sprout from a seed, dig its roots into the ground, rise up through the dirt, and then push its way from underground.

A flower faces barrier after barrier before it can even sprout from the ground.

This is what the growth process often feels like. It feels like barrier, after barrier comes your way, and you just want to come from underground.

But as I thought about the reality of what it must take to get through the barriers set before the flower, I realized that the flower is designed to come up from the ground. Packed inside that seed was a flower, and God knew when he created it that he wanted it to be seen on earth, so it’s very nature is to breakthrough the ground and stretch to the heavens. It was designed to overcome it’s barriers.

Isn’t it the same way for us? If the word says in Matthew 6, that God cares for us more than the birds and the wildflowers and they don’t have to worry, isn’t it the same for us? He designed their very nature and he designed us too!

Every barrier, every temptation, every weakness, God provided a way out. He designed a way. The Way is Christ Jesus. By his stripes we are healed. By his strength we are made strong in weakness. Through him we have victory.

So when I see flowers bloom, I marvel in what God has placed in me too! I rejoice because I know that designed in me is the ability to overcome every barrier, every obstacle set before me!

God, I thank you for designing every intricate part of me. For knowing every part of me! Lord, your word says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! God I thank you for the power you designed in me. The beauty you designed in me! The gifts you have planted in me. Lord I pray they be nourished by your word. Lord that the fruits of your Spirit be manifested through me as you work them in me. Lord I pray the same for anyone who is reading this. Lord may it reach who you intend and may it be used for you glory. May someone be healed today in their body, their mind and their spirit, and may your children seek to know more about your great name. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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