The Majesty of Jehovah

By Destiney McIntosh

Even in the distance

You can hear the water


To the sound of its flow

Watch it go


And on

And on

It flows

From a space undefined

Travels through space and time

It shimmers and shines

Reflects the light

Goes out of sight

To a place undefined

Even in the distance

You can hear the water


The reminder of our God divine

He carries with grace

Every burden

Every weight

And reflects light

Through space and time


I have been studying the book of Genesis and last week, I read a passage about Isaac in chapter 26. In this passage a famine sweeps over the land that Isaac is in, and God sends him to a new land. In this land, Isaac sows seed and it multiplies. He basically becomes wealthy. But the Philistines envy him so they begin to close the wells in the land. Isaac then, begins to dig new wells.

My life has been revolving around this word seek lately, as it is the word that my roommates and I have chosen to live by for the next year. And when I read this passage, I felt it was a great representation of what it means to seek God.

In this passage, we see Isaac in a new land, and he knows he is sent there by God. He does everything for God’s glory and is intentional in stewarding over what he has in order to multiply it. And when the enemy sees his success he tries to block Isaac from his source.

We see the well used a few times in scripture. Most notably, in the New Testament, it is where Jesus reveals to the woman with many husbands that he is the living water. I think that is the same symbolism in the Old Testament, especially here in Genesis chapter 26. Isaac is in this land, and he is digging wells, seeking God in the midst because he knows the importance of being connected to God. The importance of the connection to the living water. The enemy does too, that’s why he tries to block the connection.

So when I read this passage, I admired Isaac’s commitment to be close to God. I want to follow his example as I dwell in this space, to be constantly seeking to be in God’s presence. Living for and reflecting him. My roommates and I picked that word because it is an action word. It is something we must do. We cannot passively live for God and why would we when we’ve seen his glory, his protection, his provision, his salvation, his grace and his mercy?

Last night God spoke to me as I was wrestling with myself, ‘the Spirit is always with me, but I must chose to be with Him’.

And when I do, like Isaac, I will find living water.

So God I pray that you help me be more like Isaac. Even when I feel like I am blocked from your presence, I pray for the wisdom to continue to seek you. Your word says that you will never leave me or forsake me. Lord you have sent the Holy Spirit to be my helper and that when I cling to the Spirit, the devil must flee. Lord in you is living water, that never runs dry. Thank you for your power and salvation. Thank you that as I seek you, you show yourself more and more to me. You reveal your love for me. You direct my steps. I pray the same over anyone who needs this. Use this for your glory God. It is in the name of your Son, Jesus that I pray. Amen.

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