It’s Dark in Here

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”

-Psalm 119:105

What do you do when you step out of the room, out of the comfort zone, and when the door shuts behind you, you are left in a dark hallway? This is not where you thought that step would take you. You feel surrounded by the darkness. The only light, a glow in the distance. It seems to be light shining from underneath a door. The door that leads to your next. But how will you get there when you cannot see a thing?

I feel like that sometimes. Like I am in a hallway with no light. But I know that where I am is not where I am supposed to stay. In fact my desire is always NEXT. To get to the next door. But I cannot go anywhere if I do not take a step.

What holds me back from taking that step? Unawareness of what will come next. What if I step into something? What if I am faced with a barrier? I cannot see what is before me. I can’t make out how far away the end is. The light doesn’t seem close.

I want to be present here but I don’t even know what here is.

It’s dark in here.

And my mind won’t stop racing. Contemplating. What am I supposed to do next? How am I going to conquer whatever is next? What if I take the wrong step?

Just take a step.

That is what faith is. It is taking that step even when you don’t know what’s next. It is seeing God in the last step and trusting that he is in this step. That he is waiting for you in the next step. I know it, but sometimes, I become crippled with fear and faith does not always get applied. And I know as Christians we don’t always want to admit that faith does not come easy, but I am embracing my imperfection. Sometimes the darkness, scratch that, A LOT of the time the darkness overwhelms me and prevents me from taking the steps that I know I have been called to make.

So how will I move forward from here?

I will view the light in the distance, as the lamp to my feet and the light to my path. It may seem far away, but in reality it is right here. That light is in my here, as a tool to get me to my next. And maybe the end isn’t close, but that’s okay. I have to accept this journey and how it is developing me. Destination is not the point, development is. And I will reach my hands out to feel my way through the darkness. The light, is God. He is all around me. And when I reach out, I am reaching out to him, to feel him here.

I must trust that because I am living for him, he will not leave me or forsake me, he will do exactly what he has promised. He will lead me, is leading me, toward victory.

So God I pray that you continue to reveal yourself here. That your word continue to be the light in my journey, directing me in my steps toward the purpose that you have designed for my life-to reflect your love in this world. Lord I pray for the confidence to take steps in your strength and your victory. I pray for victory over the thoughts that keep me crippled in fear. I pray that this reaches whoever you desire and that it be used for your glory. Lord I thank you for your faithfulness. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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