Voice (Arrows)

All I Need To Get Through (Voice)

By Destiney McIntosh

All I need to get through

Is a word from you

All I need to get through

Is instruction from you

All I need to get through

Is a word from you

Not a thing

A material

Or a person

Not even a miracle

Just your voice

Close to me

That is all that I need

To get through


Imagine you are blindfolded, and all you have to get from your starting point to your final destination is a voice telling you where to go.

This was an activity that I did yesterday while on a retreat, an example of what it means to have blind faith. To be blindfolded and led by a voice that is bringing you to a destination based on arrows. You can’t see the arrows, because you are blindfolded, but the person guiding you knows to direct you based on the arrows that match the color of your blind fold. All you can do is follow the lead of the voice. Everything is dark, so you don’t know why you are being led the way that you are or where you are being led to. But that voice knows that it is trying to get you somewhere. That this journey started with a destination set.

It was this activity that made me reflect on the way that God leads me in my journey. How I often times ask for the details to my journey, and often times the answer I am given is just to take a step. And I am learning to recognize that even if I can’t see my arrows, God does. He knows every step he is instructing me to take is for a purpose, to bring me closer to the destination that he has set. To get me around the obstacles that are set in the way. And I seek to be closer to him, because there may be other voices around me that may confuse me or distract me from his. I’m learning to worry less about the direction in which I am going, and being confident in saying yes to the steps that the Lord instructs me to take. Often, I am hesitant to take the step because I do not know where I am being led. But it’s not so much about the end, and more about the journey. What I gain on the way as I learn to be more obedient, more confident, more faithful and more aware of the voice the Lord.

One thing I’m learning for sure, is that if it is God’s will, it will end in good. If the steps that I take are according to God’s will then he will provide provision. I have witnessed the favor in obedience to him. It is why I seek to be close to him and hear him, so that I continue to move in his way. And I am grateful for grace and mercy when I take a wrong step.

Everyday I am learning to recognize more that where I am is exactly where God wants, designed, for me to be. Praise God that he has worked out every detail and for every person he has brought into my life as direction.

God help me be confident, faithful and obedient in my yes to follow you. Lord help me trust you more, hear you more and seek you in the silence and amidst the noise. Let me lean not on the arrows, those are for you, but rather your voice. It is all I need to get through.


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