Spring New Hope

by Destiney McIntosh

There are colors now where there was once gray and white

Leaves growing to fill the spaces that were empty

Sounds to fill the silence

But know that without the rain those things would not grow

Without death there would not be room for new

Without silence you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sound

Everything is not perfect

But there is always hope in the cycle of nature

That all things pass away for a reason

For a season

There is cold

And there is dark

And there is dead

And there are storms

But then there is always life

There is always light

      – 4.13.19


As my senior year of college is coming to a close, I am looking back on people and experiences that have come and gone.

The other day my friend and I were talking and something she said, sparked the inspiration for this post: “Some people are for a season, but I am seeing the constants.”

I want to extend that and say, some things are for a season, but I am seeing what remains constant. There are things that I indulged in, things that lived in me that could only be for a season. Like drinking. Or my short temper. And then there are the things that remained constant. Like my faith. Dancing. Or writing.

God has been revealing truths to me through the nature of plants. Flowers specifically. And when my friend and I were talking about the things that are but for a season, I realized every good gardener knows how to weed. They can recognize the things dwelling in their garden that destroy their flowers. Preventing them from flourishing. And they don’t let them stay there. Dwell there. They remove the weeds. Pluck them up. So that their flowers can grow.

Don’t be afraid to let go. Just because it was comfortable, it doesn’t mean it has to remain. Just because it looks like a flower, it doesn’t mean it belongs. It could be choking you. Killing you. Preventing you from flourishing. Growing. Living in your purpose.

I am learning to be okay with letting go. Making room for new.

I want to keep planting seeds. Fill my garden with seeds. Purpose filled possibilities. And watch for the weeds, for the seeds planted among weeds are choked out and cannot produce (Mark 4:7). By doing this what will show, what is cultivated is more life.

I pray the same for you…

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