By Destiney McIntosh

There is peace

Here with me

Here is where you can be

All that I created you to be

Do not be afraid

Of where you are

Here you are

Being made new

Called too

I am working in you

I am working here

Do not fear


I am here

I can see you

I am pleased with you


And all

You are all

I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

Is all of you

So here

Be here


Give me all of you here

I pour all I am out on you

I love all of you

Here too


I often find myself lost in thoughts of the future, or concerned with things in the past that I cannot change. Time I wish I could have back. Or time to come that I wish was mine. 

I had a philosophy professor in college, who once said to us, that he feels life is like an hour glass. You have the two sides that are large. The past and the future. They can be filled with time. Then you have the thin part in the middle, where time just passes through. That’s the present. Time seems so fleeting in the present.

Then often the question comes, where did the time go?

It seems all the time is in the past or the future, and there isn’t much time here.

The Lord spoke the words of this poem to me earlier today. I often feel the call to be still, be present. Especially when I begin to replay moments in my mind that I wish I could change. Moments that I have no control over. And these words are powerful to me because I can hear God telling me that I am enough.  Who I am right here is enough for him. Not that I won’t change and am not changing, but what I am offering him right here is enough.

And two fold I hear him asking me do I believe he is enough?

A family friend sang a song yesterday that he wrote and there is a particular lyric that is stuck in my head.

“All that he asks of me, do you love me back?”

This song was basically a song he wrote about God. God doing all that he does, being all that he is out of love for us and asking do you love me back?

When I see here for what it is. See all that what I went through brought me here. That God has called me here. That God is working here. I realize there is power here. There is a purpose here. Not even just in what surrounds me (and how it all works for my good). But there is power here inside me. The me that I currently am. Yeah the me that I will be will be powerful too, but I am learning to be content with myself. Not anxious about what could be or stuck on thoughts of a past that cannot be changed. God loved it that way. Designed it this way. And he wants to keep developing me.

Now is about growing in relationship.

Falling in love with God more.

So yes God,

“I love you back. I love you back.”

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