Perspective – Shifting from a Deficit Mindset

Go to the Mountain (Perspective)

By Destiney McIntosh

Deep in the valley

Walls surround me

But from the mountain I can see

Beyond what’s in front of me

From the mountain

Those valley walls

Are not so tall

Everything is small

From the mountain there’s a view

Of the reach

Of you



You are HIGHER

You are VAST and


Forgive me for being blinded by the valley

Its walls seemed to stretch to the heavens

But higher is the mountain

Thank you for the mountain

For leading me to the mountain

Restoration at the mountain

Salvation at the mountain

Refuge at the mountain 

Hope at the mountain 

FREEDOM at the mountain

Deep in the valley, walls surround me

But GREATER is the mountain!

I live in Dayton, Ohio – often referred to as the Miami Valley.

I go to school by this place called Woodland Cemetery and often when I need to clear my head, I go there to walk. Which could be strange to others, but there is a spot there called the highest point. I go there when I have a lot on my mind, or want to write, or just want to get away from the noise. It’s quiet there. You can see the entire city from there. It is there that I wrote this poem in January.

As of this year, mountains have a new meaning in my heart. Thanks to this poem, they now represent perspective. I am learning to change the way that I look at certain things. Change perspectives I have gained through cycles and experiences growing up. I, a lot of the times, think from a perspective of bondage.

This often occurs in terms of money. When I think of money, it’s often with the deficit mindset of, do I have enough? Seeing and experiencing a life lived paycheck to paycheck – I often feel wrapped in the chains of the dollar bill. Fearful of running out. Falling into the trap of overworking to make sure I have enough.

I get anxious at the thought of coming expenses compared to the numbers in my bank account. The money I make shouldn’t be enough and in fact isn’t enough.

And yet…

My every need is always met.

When I shift my perspective from the valley to the mountain, I see through the journey, the people and the opportunities that God has placed in my life so that even though my money wasn’t enough, it was only a factor, a portion to the way in which he had for me.

I realize a lot of my stress in terms of money came from me thinking, How am I? How am I? How am I? How am I going to stretch this dollar? How am I going to work enough hours when I have no time? How am I? It leaves me exhausted.

And God says to me, Destiney I AM. You know, like he told Moses I AM that I AM in Exodus 3:14.

I have to change my perspective of money. Physically removing my view from the valley where everything seems larger than me, to the mountain top where I am above it all. From there it becomes clear, money is not the source, it is a resource. It is not the way. It is a tool. And when I view money as a tool, I will use it rather than let it use me or rule me. Because I don’t believe I live in a world where money is not a factor in my life, but when I look back on my life and all the times when my money wasn’t enough, I see that God always made a way to where that didn’t matter.

He spoke to me once, and I try to remind myself now, All you have is all I need.

Like the woman with the empty vessel in 2 Kings chapter 4, who was obedient to his instructions. He used her empty vessels and filled them with oil. And I want to clarify that my point here is not that you don’t have to put in the work, or even that you should be irresponsible in the way that you spend your money but rather, when that woman viewed God as sufficient, and was obedient to his instruction to collect more vessels, he took what she had, something that seemed insignificant, and poured into it.

So I am learning not to fret, but instead change my perspective towards God’s power over everything. He’s never failed me before. This semester I experienced first hand that I didn’t have to over work myself in order for everything to work out, like I’ve done in the past. Everything worked out, because God kept me and blessed me. So, I am willing to give God all that I have, all that I am, so he can multiply it for his glory.

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