By Destiney McIntosh

There are some things you give yourself away to

That drains you

This distance sustains you

Those anchors that add weight

It’s okay to separate

From the worry that adds heaviness

The anxiety that adds burden

The pain that is hurting

The pride that is buried

Drop the weight

It’s okay to separate 

From the things that drain you

It’s the distance that will sustain you


This past week I began reflecting on anchors.

I have been reading Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life by The Minimalists. In the first chapter they talked about identifying anchors. When I first read that, I interpreted it to mean, the things that keep you grounded. But they identified their anchors as things that kept them weighed down. Unnecessary weights that inhibited their ability to live a meaningful life.

Anchors were created with a purpose, in order to keep a boat from drifting away. That’s important when you want to stay stationary. However, anchors become an obstacle when your intention is to move.

So, given The Minimalist perspective on anchors as weights, I reflected the other day on the weights in my life that hinder me. There is a freedom in identifying these anchors and choosing to disconnect from them.

Seeking Perfection: Rather I should be seeking authenticity. Perfection is a tireless plight as it can never be achieved. Rather I should choose vulnerability in authenticity. To show my true self and embrace my flaws. There is freedom in the reality that I am not perfect. Beauty in the uncut.

Worry: I watched The Minimalist documentary on Netflix and one person said some degree of worry is natural, but then there is a point where it is not helpful. That reminds me in the bible when Jesus asks can worry add a single day to your life? Worry is a burden that often brings me into a swarm of anxiety. Rather than resting in faith that God knows all and he works it out, even when it does not look like we want to. It’s this mindset that brings me to PEACE. That is where I want to rest.

Anxiety: I have moments with this anchor. It often comes in response to worry. But as I am becoming more mindful, I am becoming less anxious. I am breathing more. Pausing more. Trying to become more intentional in my awareness of the present moment rather than worrying about what is to come or wishing on what could’ve been. Rather seeking to focus on God, his name, his nature and his greatness. I believe the presence of faith is the absence of anxiety. The bible says, “be anxious for nothing, but in everything, through prayer and petition make your requests known to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

Unforgiveness/Grudges: Holding on to the weight of the pain inflicted on me by others. I’ve learned I cannot change how others have treated me. Holding onto the pain didn’t change the rejection or the hurt of past experiences. Nor did it help me grow. In fact it caused me for a while to be guarded, insecure and sensitive. So I have learned to forgive. I have found liberty in letting go of those people, or the things done to me that cannot be changed. Living in now rather than the past.

Control/Pride: Growing up the oldest, I had to take a lot of things into my own hands to make up for the support that was lacking. In order to control the uncomfortable uncertainties. But I am learning that in life, uncertainties are inevitable, and trying to control things outside of my control only adds anxiety, stress and exhaustion in my life. My need to control has spread me thin and left me bitter. I am learning to let go. The only thing that I can control is my response…

Pride, me thinking that I can do all things and handle everything by myself is what left me there. I am learning to humble myself. Yes, I am strong. Yes, I am called to do certain things, but it’s all in strife without God-knowing he can do all things. He can handle all things. I cannot, and giving it to God relieves the stress of trying to perform in areas I was never meant to and be someone I was not meant to be.

Insecurity:  I honestly feel like this is something I am growing out of. It’s not as heavy on me as the previous anchors, but it is still felt. It comes when I sometimes lose sight of who I am. My uniqueness. My beauty. It is a response of comparison. But as I am detaching from the world, I am comparing myself less. Seeing myself more.

I challenge those who are reading this to begin to identify their anchors. Identifying our weights is the first step, and then we must take action. Seeking to be loosed from the weights in order to live in our true freedom.

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